Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What has gotten into me....

I know I know I am blogging again wow....okay so I decided to blog about somethings we have been doing now instead of in 2 or 3 months from now lol!
So the boys are 6 months old now and we started them on their first solids last thursday so I thought I would post some pics of their first time eating peas....ummmm yummy(gross). Okay so here are a few pics of them, they loved them:

We will be starting them on Carrots next, probably tomorrow so I will let you know how it goes with those. I am hoping that they like all their vegetables and eat like their dad and not their mom otherwise we are in trouble LOL!

K so then on friday night we decided to go bowling, pat and I and mindy and Josh and of course all the babies wow was that an experience. We got there around 7:00 and decided to bowl 3 games(we should have only bowled 2) so we first fed the boys there peas and rice cereal when we got there and that was okay, then we started bowling and ate our dinner while we were bowling and all the babies were being good just hanging out in there car seats then about 45 minutes into bowling they all started fussing so of course we have to get them out and hold them so remind you pat and I have 2 kids so we have to pass then back and forth between the 2 of us that was fun so I held both then he did and that got old quick, so then it was time for a bottle and we are still not done bowling only into our 2nd game by this point so we start feeding them and mind you its really loud there and the lights are out with laser lights and loud music so by this point all the babies have had enough so it usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes to feed them a bottle ya this time it took an hour oh wow okay so needless to say we probably wont be doing that again hehehe.
So saturday night we had tickets to toby keith so we dropped all the babies off to grandma & grandpa's house and went to the concert with mindy and josh and that was alot of fun and then mindy and I talked the boys into going dancing after the concert since mindy and I never get out anymore they were nice to take us and put up with us having to dance all night it was alot of fun and I can't wait to do it again probably next year hehehe.

Then we got up sunday and headed to jamison's b-day party, it was the boys first birthday party, jamison turned 4 years old and it was alot of fun we went to the rec center and had pizza and cake and took the boys swimming they had fun for a bit until this little kid jumped into the pool right in front of Ayden and he got splashed all over his face that was it for him he through a fit so we were done swimming, anyways here are a few pics of all the kids swimming:
Grandma & the boys

Caleb & Ayden

Mindy & Josh & Sammy





Okay so their you have it that is what we have been up too!


Nicole said...

Yay! You went with the peas. Just another tip I learned with Maggie. After you move on to Sweet Potatoes, Squash and fruits that are all sweet, make sure you throw in the peas and green beans and not so sweet stuff in there often too, or they will never eat them again!

All About M.E.('s) said...

How exciting. They don't seem to mind them. They must not take after their mom in the eating department. They are so cute and you are such a good mom. I don't think I could do twins, but you seem to have it down to an art!

Mills Family said...

thanks for the tip, I will definiltey do that!

Mills Family said...

Thanks mindy, ya I am hoping they take after their dad in the eating department to.
Believe me some days I ask myself what was I thinking hehehe!

Joanne said...

sounds like a great week. I have to smile at the bowling! Just don't stop taking them and getting out to have some fun. I just love the pictures. They are soooooooo cute! How lucky you are, I know it must be so much work, but twins are so special. I wish mom was here to share her experiences of the twins with you. I know she would just love you, and really understand how blessed you guys are. She always felt so lucky to have Pat and Penny.

The Estes Family said...

They are so cute, you need to send me some pics of our swimming outing at your house!!

Mills Family said...

Thanks Joanne that was really nice. I wish I could have met your mom to she sounds like she was a really great lady from what pat has told me. I wouldn't change having the twins for nothing they are so special I just love them.