Friday, July 18, 2008

Bend Oregon

So we just got back from Bend Oregon on wed night we had a good time, we had to go there for Pat's work he has this Surplus Lines convention every year so we get to go to different places every year its kind of fun. Anyways we had to fly of course and for those of you that know me I get very sick on a plane motion sickness big time, well I called the Dr. to make sure it was okay for me to fly and to see if it would be okay if I still either took my 3 dramamine(however you spell) or if I could wear my patch well of course they said I could not do either so I just had to suck it up and be sick, well let me just say I will not be flying again until I can either take something or until after the babies hehehe are born cuz I am so not going through that sick feeling again it was the worst thing ever and then I am sick for the rest of the day yeah so not fun. Anyways we got there on sunday afternoon and we stayed at a place called Sunriver Resort it was a really nice place we stayed in a little condo type place it was nice, well I of course couldn't do much so that was kind of a bummer, cuz you could rent bikes and go on all these cool bike trails and they had a river raft right there at the resort that you could just rent the tubes and run the river and then they picked you up at the bottom and they had a fun ATV ride(not that I would have gone on that anyway)but there was lots to do and I couldn't do any of it, so I just layed out by the pool everyday and read my book while pat and mav went on a bike ride. Anyways it was a nice relaxing little trip, until the plane ride again back home that was awful.
Oh yeah and our rental car was a convertibile and Mav thought that was the coolest thing ever so she had to have the top down every where she went.
Right before we were getting ready to check out we saw some deer sitting right outside our back door they were so cute it was a mom and her little babies.
K well here are a few pics that we took, we were kind of bad and didn't really take any pics so here is what we have: