Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So Halloween turned out to be alot of fun this year the boys were so cute and loved going trick or treating! I struggled on what they were going to be this year because nothing was really jumping out at me I wasn't a fan of any of the costumes so I decided to just have them be plain old cowboys and I am so glad I did because I thought they ended up being 2 of the cutest cowboys I have ever seen!
Anyways we started out our day going into pat's work and went trick or treating around there and wow we could have just hit there and been done for the night the boys got so much candy I couldn't believe it they made out.
After that we headed over to Shane and April's house for some little activities and dinner and then we headed out with all the kids around my brothers neighborhood we had 5 kids 3 and under and they were so cute they all just thought they were so big and they have been doing this for years it was hilarious! Anyways here are some pics of our day and night!
Oh ya so when I ordered the cowboy costumes I didn't want them to wear the same one but I couldn't find another cute one so I one of them was called the yarn baby cowboy or something like that so it came with this hat that was kinda scary but the boys thought it was hilarious so I got them in their outfits a couple of nights before halloween just to make sure we had everything we needed well once they were all dressed they wanted to wear the raggedy ann/chucky hat LOL and this is how they looked:
Good thing I bought normal cowboy hats at the fair this year, cuz the ones the costumes came with were hideous!
K so of course us parents love halloween to so we had to get all dressed up like the little kids do and go out that weekend, mindy came up with the best costumes this year for all of us that she made and it was simple and cheap and I think they turned out so cute: