Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First day of Preschool/Summer program

The boys were so excited for their first day of summer school and so was mom LOL! I was just kind of looking forward to the 3hr break and believe me it was nice. I totally forgot to renew my license back in May on my birthday so it was great I was able to run to the DMV without the boys and finally get that done and just run a few errands without kids it was so nice, I have actually never been on my own without them during the week since I have had them so every wed from now until the first of August I have a nice quiet 3hr break I am going to love this! So when I picked the boys up from school today we got in the car and I asked them what they had learned at school today and Caleb says hmmm I learned that their is no TV at school, ya bet you can guess what we do alot of at our house hehehe, sounds like I need to work on that. Here are a few of the projects they did at school today! They are traveling around the world and today they went to South America. So I asked Caleb what all of these things were that they made and he said they made a Tower, a Space Ship and a Rice shaker:and Ayden said he made a Pin Wheel, Caleb made one also but put it somewhere outside at school and we couldn't find it! Then they each made a little mask: They had alot of fun for their first day of school and they can't wait to go back next wed! Mommy can't wait either LOL!

Monday, February 27, 2012

3 Years Old

Okay so I am the biggest slacker when it comes to blogging so here are a few things we have been up too!
The boys just turned 3 and I can't believe how time flies its sad to see them grow up so fast but this is also the cutest age and lets be honest a very challenging age LOL! I think 3's are by far worse then 2's.
So we took them to their 3 yr old dr. appt and they are doing great.
Caleb is still in the 5th percentile for weight he weighs 26.6 lbs and is 37 in. and 3/8 in height.
Ayden is 27lbs and 38 in. 3/8 in height so they are both doing great, all they do is talk we never have a quiet moment at our house unless they are sleeping hehehe and those naps are coming to an end and its so sad I enjoyed my 2 hrs a day of some piece and quiet hehehe oh well!
The boys have been wanting a big truck or jeep or tractor to drive around in so this is what they got for their birthday they love it:

So on their birthday pat took the day off for his bday also and we took the boys to a movie and lunch it was fun and we just had some cupcakes that night and then we had their birthday party on saturday with all their friends and cousins, we had cake and ice cream and did gifts and then we all headed over to Kangaroo Zoo so all the kids could just run wild it was great! Here are a few pics of their birthday: Of course we couldn't just have one party we had to have to different ones, Ayden is really into Mickey Mouse Club house right now and Caleb is into Tractors so that is what we did!
After Kangaroo Zoo a few of us came back to our house and got pizza and the kids were all wiped out so they sat on the couch and played with either their phones or mobigo's so it was nice and quiet for a bit LOL! I just can't believe another birthday has come and gone anyways they had a great birthday so thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with them.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So Halloween turned out to be alot of fun this year the boys were so cute and loved going trick or treating! I struggled on what they were going to be this year because nothing was really jumping out at me I wasn't a fan of any of the costumes so I decided to just have them be plain old cowboys and I am so glad I did because I thought they ended up being 2 of the cutest cowboys I have ever seen!
Anyways we started out our day going into pat's work and went trick or treating around there and wow we could have just hit there and been done for the night the boys got so much candy I couldn't believe it they made out.
After that we headed over to Shane and April's house for some little activities and dinner and then we headed out with all the kids around my brothers neighborhood we had 5 kids 3 and under and they were so cute they all just thought they were so big and they have been doing this for years it was hilarious! Anyways here are some pics of our day and night!
Oh ya so when I ordered the cowboy costumes I didn't want them to wear the same one but I couldn't find another cute one so I one of them was called the yarn baby cowboy or something like that so it came with this hat that was kinda scary but the boys thought it was hilarious so I got them in their outfits a couple of nights before halloween just to make sure we had everything we needed well once they were all dressed they wanted to wear the raggedy ann/chucky hat LOL and this is how they looked:
Good thing I bought normal cowboy hats at the fair this year, cuz the ones the costumes came with were hideous!
K so of course us parents love halloween to so we had to get all dressed up like the little kids do and go out that weekend, mindy came up with the best costumes this year for all of us that she made and it was simple and cheap and I think they turned out so cute:

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things we have been up too!

I am such a slacker when it comes to blogging and taking pics my camera isn't working right now so I have to use my phone and its not the easiest to take pics with so I only take them here and there.
Anyways we haven't really been up to much just hanging out going to the park alot and playing inside the house alot because its so hot right now. They actually just built a splash pad right next to our house so I took the boys there the other day just to check it out we didn't get in it or anything we just wanted to see what it was all about and wow was it crowded but we are going to go back hopefully tomorrow or next week sometime so I will take some pics when we do.
K so we took the boys to CherryHill the water park part of it on saturday and they had a blast once again I didn't take many pics but they had this fun little kiddie pool there with a waterslide and caleb loved it Ayden liked it as long as daddy was going down it with him here are the 2 pics I got:
so then we decided to take them on the big dragon water slide so we got over to it and got in line and pat said ya there is no way I am taking ayden on that he will freak so they went down to the bottom to watch us come out so Caleb and I and Mindy and Sammie went up to go on it well those of you who know me I am so afraid of waterslides I hate them growing up whenever we would go to Raging Waters with all of our friends I would just watch them all go down the waterslides and I would hangout in the wave pool so I thought well I will be brave this time and take caleb it cant be that bad right. Oh wow it was hilarious so we got up to the top and it was our turn and I started to panick and saw how fast it was well anyways we had to sit on this matt thing and so I got all situated and I said to the girl is this really fast and she said ummm No its not really so I said you are so lying to me right now and she laughs and then I said am I going to drowned and she said with a laugh its only 2 ft of water at the end you will be fine just hold him up when you come out then I freaked even more she thought I was very weird hehehe anyways we start going down and I am freaking and then I lose control and fall over on to my back/side and couldn't get up and then we go through this big dark blackout tunnel and I was crying cuz I was scared and caleb was traumatized because I was freaking out anyways we finally get to the bottom and I was on my back and all I could think was hold him up so he doesn't go under and as soon as we got done Caleb says mommy I don't want to go on that ever again it was funny, so needless to say I will probably not be going on any waterslides anytime soon unless they are the little kiddie ones LOL!

K so the other day it was really windy and so hot and going to rain but the boys wanted to go and have a picnic at the park so I said how about we have a picnic here in the living room and read some books and then play candyland so they said okay and they thought that was fun, my boys love to play candyland that is all they want to do every night and Ayden always has to be Yellow and Caleb has to be Green and of course they told me I have to be Red and Pat has to be Blue so we play that game alot I need to go and get more games because I am so over Candyland hehehe. They play it so well I told them from the start that we could only play this game if they played it the right way and waited for there turns and played by the rules yes this game takes us forever to play because I wont let them cheat but you gotta teach them sometime to play the right way right, I am thinking of reconsidering that decision hehehe! Anyways here are a few pics of our picnic and playing candyland!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Utah Valley Provo Marathon!

So I ran my first Full Marathon a couple of weeks ago and it was such a awesome accomplishment. So I started my training back in Feb and from Feb 7th til June 11th I ran a total of 458 miles leading up to the marathon so over all 484.2 miles I ran in alittle over 4 months wow that is alot of running. Anyways during my training I said I will never run a full marathon again but once I finished I changed my mind and yes I will for sure run another full marathon just so I can beat my time LOL!
K so I ran my Marathon in 4hr and 9 minutes so my minute mile pace overall average was 9:32 minute miles so that wasn't too bad for my first marathon I was hoping to come in at 4hr exactly but I guess 9 minutes over isn't so bad. K well here are a few pics of the marathon. I ran it with one of my really good friends Martin and it was so nice to have him there with me we helped motivate each other so it was nice. Thanks mindy for taking some pics for me.Thanks to everyone who came out to support us that was awesome!Pat also ran the 5K that morning he did awesome way too go babe!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Day Out With Thomas!

I guess the heber creeper does a day out with thomas once a year so we thought it might be fun to take the boys up there to spend the day out with thomas and they loved it so of course I forgot my Camera so this is the only pic I got with my phone, mindy took some pics with her camera but she hasn't emailed them too me yet so once I get them I will add them on.
We got up there and got checked in and we had to wait for 45 minutes before our train ride so we took the boys around to all the little things they had going on like thomas tattoes, so when it was there turn to get there tattoes they would not let that kid that was doing them come near them so grandpa had to put them on them it was pretty funny then we went over and let them run wild in the hay maze, after that it was time to catch the train the kids loved it we went up there with sammie and jaxon and grandma and grandpa it was a little 25 minute train ride but they all enjoyed it after that we went over to the gift shop and bought them a few little prizes and of course grandma had to buy all of the grandkids a shirt we were going to try ang get a pic of them all wearing there shirts but that didn't happen. My boys have been asking to wear there shirts ever since we went up there so I put them in them today and that is all they can talk about thomas the train here are a few pics:The boys love to play together so this is them being silly and eating there Otter Pops!
Then we took all the kids to the Aquarium on sunday but once again I didn't take my camera so I didn't get any pics of them there but they had fun except when all the kids were standing over by the shark window area and all the sudden this shark came out of no where and it was right up by the glass so right by Ayden's face and yep I bet you can only imagine what happend next oh he let out the biggest scream and started crying so hard it was hilarious I wish I would have had my camera hehehe!
So pat bought a bike trailer so he could start taking the boys on a bike ride while I am out running so here are a few pics of the boys with their new helmets and going for a bike ride they love it!so I haven't blogged in awhile so I am just kind of blogging about somethings we have been doing and some of the things the boys love to do, so they love going out on the deck and just running around and sitting out there to watch the airplanes fly by so here are a few pics of them hanging out on the deck:
and they love it when sissy mav comes to visit them:The boys are getting so big I just can't believe how fast they grow up they can count to 12, they sing their alphabets to me all the time and they can both spell their names its so cute and they are both just little talkers thats all they do is talk we can't get Ayden to hush up most of the time its funny both their personalities are so cute but so different.