Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby update!

Okay so sorry I have been such a slacker, but I have not been in the mood to do anything, so this is what has been going on. Pat and I went back last thursday a week ago for our second ultrasound and it went really well, we are for sure only having 2 yay! They are both doing very well, I said before that Twin B's heartbeat was very faint the first time we went, well its amazing what a week can do because this time both TwinA & TwinB were alot bigger and we got to finally hear both of there heart beats it was so amazing, TwinA was beating 149bmp and twinB was beating 145bpm so needless to say they are both doing well, and all those other follicules that they thought could be more baby sacs are just big follicules and hopefully will eventually go down.
Okay here are some pics of the babies: 1st pic is TwinA and TwinA's heartbeat. Second pic is TwinB and TwinB's heartbeat. 3rd pic is both of them.

Okay so on another note mom is not doing so hot, I am so sick and throw up everyday 2 or 8 times a day just depends on the day and it sucks but I will survive. Also the dr. said to me well you have 2 in there so you get double the fun, double the sickness and double the weight isn't that just lovely I thought so. He did say with me throwing up that, that is a good thing because it means the babies are doing well so I guess that is good but it is not fun for me.
Okay so those of you who know me and my eating habits know that my diet consists of chicken and chicken and more chicken, well when all this envitro started and I had to stop exercising I went on a strick chicken diet, not that I didn't eat alot of chicken before but I was eating nothing but chicken, 1 piece of grilled chicken for lunch, and 1 piece of grilled chicken for dinner grilled chicken for a snack, well it worked for awhile and I dropped 6lbs in those 3 weeks of just eating chicken. K well my last day of eating chicken was on July 5th and now I can't even look at chicken otherwise I will throw up and it sucks because now I have nothing to eat because there is nothing that I like believe me it has been rough. So now all I want is a cheeseburger or Taco Times bean & cheese burritos yep thats all I can keep down everything else comes back up. I try to eat bananas and apples and even the fruit baby food but no such luck it wont stay down. Also I am so not a pop drinker I used to just drink water and that was it, well now all I want is a sprite or a coke and that is so not good cuz coke is so not good for you but I want it so bad it is so weird.
Next wed, we go and see my actual OBGYN my dr. for our 10 wk visit so I am going to see what she can give me so I can stop throwing up and maybe actually want to eat because right now I hate food and nothing sounds good.
Anways sorry for all the complaining but I am so entitled to it, I have decided and poor pat he has to put up with alot right now, but he is so good to me I couldn't ask for a better guy I just love him.
Anyways thats all for now, I will update again soon.