Wednesday, June 18, 2008

IVF Update...

Okay so Its been awhile since I have posted about my progress so here goes. Alright so 2 weeks ago this Monday I had to get 2 more shots along with my Lupron shot that I have been doing the whole time and they all go in my stomach, we just bumped the Lupron down to 5c instead of 10c but I still had to get it, so I was doing a total of 3 shots for 3 days and then it went down to 2 shots for the rest of the time.
Lupron Shot: Follistim Pen shot:We also had to do a shot called Repronex (this shot was only for 3 days) and thank the lord for that because it was a very painful shot, pat had to mix this one with water and then into the powder, so this is the needle he had to use to mix it with and then after it was mixed he put the little needle back on to give me the shot and it was a thicker substance so it took longer to not fun, Anyways here is a pic of the before needle while mixing and then the after needle: So those are the shots that I have been getting for the last 2 weeks. Okay so monday we had another ultrasound to see how these shots were doing, and things were good but not exactly where they want me to be so we had to go back tuesday morning at 7:45am (way to early for me) to have another ultrasound well things were looking better so they had me do my bloodtest of my Estrogen to see if I was ready for the big HCG Shot on tuesday night and then we would have went in for the retrieval on thursday morning, well my estrogen levels were not where they wanted them so we had to go back this morning(wed) for another ultrasound and more blood tests to see how things were, still not there so yep that means we have to go back again tomorrow(thurs.) for another ultrasound and more blood work. Well my Dr. did say that he is sure I will be ready tomorrow so, tomorrow morning should be my last set of stomach shots and then tomorrow night I will get my HCG shot right in the hip area OUCH, and then we will go in on saturday morning for the retrieval and then about 3 to 5 days later we will be going back in for the transfer of putting them back in. In the meantime I will be recieving new shots called Progestrone and those are also in the hip area in the muscle OUCH again.

Okay so there you have it that is my update for now. I will let you know how things go at my ultrasound tomorrow.