Sunday, April 18, 2010

Half Marathons!

So after I had the boys I decided to make a goal for myself and that was to run the SLC half marathon so I trained hard to be ready for it but then I heard about the riverton half and I decided to run that one 3 wks before the SL half for a practice run to be ready for the SL one anyways it was alot of fun okay fun for those who like to run crazy for those who don't hehehe.
So I ran the riverton half in 2hrs 5 minutes and 24 seconds and I ran the SL one in 2 hrs 14seconds so I beat my time by 5 minutes so I was so happy about that so hopefully for the one I am running in July I will beat my time again.
I love running I am not sure why but I do and it is so addicting that I have already signed up for another half in July crazy I know. Anyways I know this is a boring post for most of you so I don't blame you if you don't read it but really this is just for my personal journal and to make sure I always have my times on record so don't mind this post of my times of each mile:SL Half1st mile-8:42
2nd mile-8:46
3rd mile-8:07
4th mile-8:17
5th mile-8:47
6th mile-9:15
7th mile-8:55
8th mile-9:13
9th mile-9:07
so overall time 2hrs 14 seconds average pace 9:09 minute miles
Riverton Half1st mile-8:29
2nd mile-8:56
3rd mile-8:54
4th mile-9:21
5th mile-9:10
6th mile-9:33
7th mile-9:10
8th mile-9:25
9th mile-10:09
so overall time 2hrs 5 minutes & 24 seconds average pace 9:31 minute miles

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Game Night!

So we really haven't been up to much the boys are doing great they love to play together in the pic above they are reading a book together so cute! I have just been running alot and getting ready for my half marathon this saturday. Pat is traveling alot for work right now and we are getting ready to go to Hawaii next sunday for 9 days and we can't wait.
We did have a nice weekend grandma and grandpa watched the boys for us so we could have a night out with some friends so we went to cheryl and taylor's for a BBQ and played some really fun games, mindy and cheryl watch that show minute to win it so they got a few ideas off of that and that is what we played their was this one called on the nose and it was with vaseline and cotton balls so here are a few pics of the night: anyways those are just a few of the games we played we had a great time.
Thanks Cheryl & Taylor for the great food and good fun with friends: