Thursday, May 7, 2009

The New Arrivals!

Okay so we have had some exciting couple of days, so mindy was admitted into the hospital on monday because of her high blood pressure and high protein in her urine so she stayed from monday til wed and they told her she could go home wed morning so she got up and dressed and ready to head home and the dr. came in and said mindy I am so sorry but I have some bad news you are going to have this baby today and mindy was freaking out because her actual due date was not until June 2nd well sure enough she had her baby last night finally at 11:10PM. She went through a long day of labor and then had some complications so they ended up taking her by C-section but both mom and baby are doing great. Samantha Lauren was born on May 6th at 11:10pm and weighed 6lbs 1oz and was 19 1/2 inches she is so cute, she also had her on emily's birthday now those of you who know emily she does not like to share but she told mindy that she would only share with her, well the sad news is that emily was due before mindy and she still hasn't had her baby and it could be another couple of weeks, so keep your fingers crossed for em that he comes soon. Here is a pic of Samantha Lauren:

Alright for the next arrival, so as all of you know Melica and Mindy were both due on the same day June 2nd, well Melica has been having some complications since wk 34 and has been dialated to a 4 for the last wk or more and finally last night she couldn't take the contractions anymore so her and Jay headed up to the hospital to see whats up and the dr. finally said we are just going to break your water and deliver this baby because for the last 3 wks or so they have just been sending her back to nephi having major contractions but they would do anything about it but they finally did last night and into today so Melica had her water broke around midnight and she had the baby about 4 hours later she had a beautiful baby boy Kaden Estes was born May 7th at 3:54AM and he weighed 7lbs 15oz and was 21 inches long both him and mom are doing great. Here is a pic of Kaden Estes:

So emily had samantha born on her birthday and I got to have Kaden born on my birthday how funny is that, they were both due the same day and they pretty much had them the same day they were like 5 hours apart how funny is that, that they were both born early and emily still hasn't had her baby!