Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things we have been up too!

I am such a slacker when it comes to blogging and taking pics my camera isn't working right now so I have to use my phone and its not the easiest to take pics with so I only take them here and there.
Anyways we haven't really been up to much just hanging out going to the park alot and playing inside the house alot because its so hot right now. They actually just built a splash pad right next to our house so I took the boys there the other day just to check it out we didn't get in it or anything we just wanted to see what it was all about and wow was it crowded but we are going to go back hopefully tomorrow or next week sometime so I will take some pics when we do.
K so we took the boys to CherryHill the water park part of it on saturday and they had a blast once again I didn't take many pics but they had this fun little kiddie pool there with a waterslide and caleb loved it Ayden liked it as long as daddy was going down it with him here are the 2 pics I got:
so then we decided to take them on the big dragon water slide so we got over to it and got in line and pat said ya there is no way I am taking ayden on that he will freak so they went down to the bottom to watch us come out so Caleb and I and Mindy and Sammie went up to go on it well those of you who know me I am so afraid of waterslides I hate them growing up whenever we would go to Raging Waters with all of our friends I would just watch them all go down the waterslides and I would hangout in the wave pool so I thought well I will be brave this time and take caleb it cant be that bad right. Oh wow it was hilarious so we got up to the top and it was our turn and I started to panick and saw how fast it was well anyways we had to sit on this matt thing and so I got all situated and I said to the girl is this really fast and she said ummm No its not really so I said you are so lying to me right now and she laughs and then I said am I going to drowned and she said with a laugh its only 2 ft of water at the end you will be fine just hold him up when you come out then I freaked even more she thought I was very weird hehehe anyways we start going down and I am freaking and then I lose control and fall over on to my back/side and couldn't get up and then we go through this big dark blackout tunnel and I was crying cuz I was scared and caleb was traumatized because I was freaking out anyways we finally get to the bottom and I was on my back and all I could think was hold him up so he doesn't go under and as soon as we got done Caleb says mommy I don't want to go on that ever again it was funny, so needless to say I will probably not be going on any waterslides anytime soon unless they are the little kiddie ones LOL!

K so the other day it was really windy and so hot and going to rain but the boys wanted to go and have a picnic at the park so I said how about we have a picnic here in the living room and read some books and then play candyland so they said okay and they thought that was fun, my boys love to play candyland that is all they want to do every night and Ayden always has to be Yellow and Caleb has to be Green and of course they told me I have to be Red and Pat has to be Blue so we play that game alot I need to go and get more games because I am so over Candyland hehehe. They play it so well I told them from the start that we could only play this game if they played it the right way and waited for there turns and played by the rules yes this game takes us forever to play because I wont let them cheat but you gotta teach them sometime to play the right way right, I am thinking of reconsidering that decision hehehe! Anyways here are a few pics of our picnic and playing candyland!