Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First day of Preschool/Summer program

The boys were so excited for their first day of summer school and so was mom LOL! I was just kind of looking forward to the 3hr break and believe me it was nice. I totally forgot to renew my license back in May on my birthday so it was great I was able to run to the DMV without the boys and finally get that done and just run a few errands without kids it was so nice, I have actually never been on my own without them during the week since I have had them so every wed from now until the first of August I have a nice quiet 3hr break I am going to love this! So when I picked the boys up from school today we got in the car and I asked them what they had learned at school today and Caleb says hmmm I learned that their is no TV at school, ya bet you can guess what we do alot of at our house hehehe, sounds like I need to work on that. Here are a few of the projects they did at school today! They are traveling around the world and today they went to South America. So I asked Caleb what all of these things were that they made and he said they made a Tower, a Space Ship and a Rice shaker:and Ayden said he made a Pin Wheel, Caleb made one also but put it somewhere outside at school and we couldn't find it! Then they each made a little mask: They had alot of fun for their first day of school and they can't wait to go back next wed! Mommy can't wait either LOL!

Monday, February 27, 2012

3 Years Old

Okay so I am the biggest slacker when it comes to blogging so here are a few things we have been up too!
The boys just turned 3 and I can't believe how time flies its sad to see them grow up so fast but this is also the cutest age and lets be honest a very challenging age LOL! I think 3's are by far worse then 2's.
So we took them to their 3 yr old dr. appt and they are doing great.
Caleb is still in the 5th percentile for weight he weighs 26.6 lbs and is 37 in. and 3/8 in height.
Ayden is 27lbs and 38 in. 3/8 in height so they are both doing great, all they do is talk we never have a quiet moment at our house unless they are sleeping hehehe and those naps are coming to an end and its so sad I enjoyed my 2 hrs a day of some piece and quiet hehehe oh well!
The boys have been wanting a big truck or jeep or tractor to drive around in so this is what they got for their birthday they love it:

So on their birthday pat took the day off for his bday also and we took the boys to a movie and lunch it was fun and we just had some cupcakes that night and then we had their birthday party on saturday with all their friends and cousins, we had cake and ice cream and did gifts and then we all headed over to Kangaroo Zoo so all the kids could just run wild it was great! Here are a few pics of their birthday: Of course we couldn't just have one party we had to have to different ones, Ayden is really into Mickey Mouse Club house right now and Caleb is into Tractors so that is what we did!
After Kangaroo Zoo a few of us came back to our house and got pizza and the kids were all wiped out so they sat on the couch and played with either their phones or mobigo's so it was nice and quiet for a bit LOL! I just can't believe another birthday has come and gone anyways they had a great birthday so thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with them.