Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Costumes!

Okay so the boys Halloween Costumes arrived the other day so I thought I would try them on them to make sure they fit okay and this is what I got the first day:They hated their costumes ecspecially Ayden oh he was so traumatized by it when I took it off of him he was a sweaty mess because he was crying so hard, it was pretty funny, I know what a mean mom I am.
So anyways I thought now what am I going to do they hate their costumes, so I decided that I would just keep trying them on them everyday so this is what I got the second day:Okay so Caleb actually liked it the second day, he was the one that actually brought it to me to put it on him so I did and he walked around in it for about a half hour, so then I said to Ayden do you want to put yours on like your brother and he of course said no, so then I left the room to get them some yogurt and water and when I came back he was letting his sister mav put it on so I thought this is good he is going to like it, ya well once it was all on as you can see from the pic he absolutley hated it still. I haven't tried it on him since but I will try again tomorrow and hopefully by halloween he will be okay with it for at least an hour or so. Ya wish me luck! He is definitley my special Ayden! LOL!