Friday, September 3, 2010

Potty Training...I have created a monster!

Okay so I decided since I have 2 that I have to potty train that I would get a head start, so I went and bought them a couple of potties and just started having them sit on them with their diapers on so they wouldn't be afraid of it then I decided to have them sit on it without their diapers on and we did that for a few days and then Caleb all the sudden went pee in the potty and he thought it was hilarious so after that I couldn't keep him away from the potty so now everytime he wakes up or has his diaper changed he grabs his little peter and says I pee, I pee, I pee until I take him to the potty and no he does not go everytime but we probably sit on the potty at least 8 times a day and he will sit their forever if I let him and just read his book and he only goes once sometimes twice of those 8 times so I guess its at least a start but yes I have created a monster and if I don't let him go to the potty because we are in a hurry to go somewhere or we are out somewhere he throws a major fit and its a struggle to get that diaper on he is too funny and so cute!
Now Ayden is another story he actually could care less if he sits on the potty or not but when he does sit on the potty he does go and he has actually peed and pooped in the potty already and when he did he just sat their and laughed while he was doing his thing it was hilarious!
Anyways I know they are still really young and aren't quite their yet to be fully potty trained but I figure if I just keep doing what I am doing by they time they are 2 they will be fully ready and hopefully potty trained just in time for us to try for another one hehehe!