Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Know I Am A Slacker!

Okay so I know its been awhile since I have updated my blog, but I really haven't had much to write about.
K so Pat's daughter Monica and her husband josh got married in the Ogden Temple yesterday, they were already married but they finally went through the temple like monica has always wanted to do. We are so happy for her and Josh, it turned out really good yesterday, Pat and I and my mom and dad and Melica and Jay all set up the church and got the food ready for the lucheon, then we tried to make it over to the temple before they came out, but we were too late, they got done early so we missed them so that was kind of a bummer, so we headed back to the church and celebrated with them there. Then we all cleaned up the church and headed home and then we went out to dinner with mindy and josh to Texas Roadhouse it was really good.
Then we came home and just relaxed and watched alittle TV and went to bed, it was a pretty mellow day.
Okay thats all I have to write about for now, I will write again soon.