Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our 2 little helpers!

Oh my these 2 love the vacuum so anytime pat gets the vacuum out they are both right there by his side either turning the vacuum on and off or trying to help dad push the vacuum around its hilarious and so annoying at the same time, ecspecially because there are 2 of them so they are either fighting over who gets to push it or turn it off or whatever they can find something to fight over yep already fighting at 2 years old, now instead of just being able to vacuum and get the job done in a matter of time it now takes him all day to vacuum with these 2 little best helpers ever. It just cracks me up how much they love the vacuum they ask me everyday mommy can we get the vacuum out and vacuum they are so funny and so freaking cute this age is the best oh and the worst they never stop.Well the other day we actually had some nice sunny weather warm enough to get the jogger out and take the boys out for a run and stop and play at the park they were loving it, they just love being outside so I just wish the weather would stop teasing us one day its 70degrees and then the next day its snowing again....ugggh! Anyways so here are a few pics of them getting excited to go for a run, I forgot to take some pics of them at the park but believe me they had fun, I couldn't get them to leave: