Monday, June 23, 2008

Good News!(sorry for the Novel)

Okay so here is an update, I went in on thursday for my ultrasound and more blood work and they said everything was looking really good and that they would probably remove them on sat., but they still had to wait for my bloodwork to come back and that they would call me. Well they called me on thursday afternoon around 1:00 and told me that my estrogen levels were at 3000 and that I am good to go for saturday morning at 8:00 am and that I had to take my HCG shot at 8:45 pm on thursday night so that is what we did, i was so excited that I was ready because if I really had to go one more day I really don't know if I would have made it, I was so blotted and miserable it took me 10 minutes just to get myself up out of a chair it was rough. Anyways so pat gave me the shot at 8:45 in the hip/butt area and the actual shot wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be considering how big and thick the needle is, well i was fine until the next morning when I tried rolling over on to my side that the shot was given and screamed because it was very sore and bruised, so needless to say the shot wasn't to bad but the next day is. K so then they told me that i was going to be shot free for a day and I was so excited so I didn't have to get anymore stomach shots, actually I am done with all the stomach shots for the rest of the time yippee, but I did have to start a little green pill on friday night and now I have to take that twice a day for the rest of the time until the transfer.
So saturday morning we got up and headed up to the Andrology place where the retrieval of the follicules(eggs) was taking place, so we get up there and into one of the rooms and the nurse comes in and takes my vitals and all that fun stuff and then she said okay change into the little white hospital gown and another nurse will be in to put in your IV, I freaked I hate IV's anyways she came in and tried my right hand and it popped out, then she tried my left hand and it popped out so then she tried putting it in my left arm where it bends and it worked so needless to say I have a few bruises from the IV, I was in tears it hurt so bad.

Okay so then the dr. came in and kind of explained what he was going to be doing and I just started crying, I was so excited but so scared at the same time. Anyways I am not going to go into any detail of what I went through but lets just say it was the hardest thing I have ever been through, luckily I was somewhat out of it and pat kind of filled me in later on what happened, I do remember bits and pieces of it and it was rough. Anyways on a better note they did end up getting 17 follicules(eggs) so that was a good thing. So I guess while I was out of it pat thought he would be funny and take a picture of me so here is how cute I was hehehe.
So then I woke up and ate a few crackers and had some water and I felt like I was doing okay so I got dressed and they wheeled me out to the car and I got in the car and thought oh no I am not doing so hot so then my mom called and wanted to talk to me and I said to pat I can't talk to anyone right now because I am going to throw up so just leave me alone so I closed my eyes and tried to sleep until we got home, okay so we were so close to home and I couldn't hold it anymore so Pat had to pull over by Su Casa in Bountiful and I got out and puked behind the dumpster yeah that was a good time. So then we got home and I went right to bed and then I remembered that I had to have my progestrone shot so I got up for a minute while pat gave it to me, same big needle as the pic above and I actually felt nothing but I think it was because I stilled had some of the anistesia(however u spell) in me because sunday morning it hurt like Hell and mondays did to, and I also found out that I have to have that progestrone shot every morning for 10 more weeks OUCH!, My hip/butt is so sore on both sides but oh well it will all be worth it. Well I have been on bedrest for 3 days now and in alot of pain, but today(monday) I am finally feeling alittle better enough to get up and walk around a bit but I am still not up to par yet.
So then I got a phone call this moring from the embryologist and he told me that they were able to get 10 out of the 17 eggs to fertilize and they are dividing like they are supposed to and doing well so he said he will call me on wed to let me know how they are still doing and to set up my time for my transfer appt on thursday. So needless to say everything is going well and I am hanging in there. K I will update you in a few days to let you know how the transfer went.
Sorry everyone for the novel, but thanks for all your support and all your comments it means alot to us to know you are all pulling for pat and I.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

IVF Update...

Okay so Its been awhile since I have posted about my progress so here goes. Alright so 2 weeks ago this Monday I had to get 2 more shots along with my Lupron shot that I have been doing the whole time and they all go in my stomach, we just bumped the Lupron down to 5c instead of 10c but I still had to get it, so I was doing a total of 3 shots for 3 days and then it went down to 2 shots for the rest of the time.
Lupron Shot: Follistim Pen shot:We also had to do a shot called Repronex (this shot was only for 3 days) and thank the lord for that because it was a very painful shot, pat had to mix this one with water and then into the powder, so this is the needle he had to use to mix it with and then after it was mixed he put the little needle back on to give me the shot and it was a thicker substance so it took longer to not fun, Anyways here is a pic of the before needle while mixing and then the after needle: So those are the shots that I have been getting for the last 2 weeks. Okay so monday we had another ultrasound to see how these shots were doing, and things were good but not exactly where they want me to be so we had to go back tuesday morning at 7:45am (way to early for me) to have another ultrasound well things were looking better so they had me do my bloodtest of my Estrogen to see if I was ready for the big HCG Shot on tuesday night and then we would have went in for the retrieval on thursday morning, well my estrogen levels were not where they wanted them so we had to go back this morning(wed) for another ultrasound and more blood tests to see how things were, still not there so yep that means we have to go back again tomorrow(thurs.) for another ultrasound and more blood work. Well my Dr. did say that he is sure I will be ready tomorrow so, tomorrow morning should be my last set of stomach shots and then tomorrow night I will get my HCG shot right in the hip area OUCH, and then we will go in on saturday morning for the retrieval and then about 3 to 5 days later we will be going back in for the transfer of putting them back in. In the meantime I will be recieving new shots called Progestrone and those are also in the hip area in the muscle OUCH again.

Okay so there you have it that is my update for now. I will let you know how things go at my ultrasound tomorrow.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Well I know its been awhile, but here is what we have been up too! So we went to Moab 2 weekends ago for Pats family reunion, it was alot of fun I have never been to moab and never really cared to go because I am not really a climb the rocks in my jeep type of person or really much of a hiker, but I had a blast who knew hiking up to the arches would be so much fun I loved it and I am already planning another trip back. Anyways here are a few of the things that we did: We got there on thursday afternoon and then we went to dinner that night and after that over to the grocery store to get our groceries for the 3 days, we stayed in a 3 bedroom, 3 bath condo that was so nice and plenty of room for all of us. So we got up friday morning and headed up to Dead Horse Point that was really neat here are a few pics:

It was really cool up there and really windy, it was pretty scary when you got up to the top and looked over the edge it was along ways down.
Okay so then that night we got ready and had the family BBQ over at our place, because there was more room where we were at: it was fun we all ate and then watched a video that pats sister penny put together from the last few years of reunions it was really cute. Then we took a few pics of course:

Okay so then we got up on saturday morning and headed over to the Arches. We first went to the delicate Arche that was about a 3 mile hike, 1.5 miles each way it was a pretty good hike:
Well we finally made it over to the arch:

Then we headed back to the car to head over to some of the other arches, like the Firey Furnace and the Double Arches, and as we were driving over there to do some more hiking Pat kept saying to the boys, lets go see the parade of elephants and he kept saying it over and over and melica and I were like what are you smoking there are no parade of elephants and sure enough we pulled up and there were some really cool rocks that looked like a hurd of elephants
Then we hiked up to the double arches:

k those of you that know me I am so not a rock climber and I was hiking up this mountain of rocks and when I got to the top were mav and melica were this is what I saw nothing but the edge of the cliff and believe me I was freaked out I had to take a moment before I could move to get back down:

After that we went back to the condo did a little barbaqueing and hung with the fam for a bit and then went to bed and got up the next morning and went to breakfast and then headed home.
We had alot of fun spending time with the boys, they are so cute and such good little boys. Melica and Jay are wonderful parents, I have never seen such good kids, we did alot of hiking that day at the arches and they never complained once they hiked the whole time and loved every minute of it and they are only 6 and 3. Anyways I can't wait to go again. K so that is what we have been up to sorry about all the pics but we took alot so I had to share.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My First Ultrasound!

So yesterday I had my first Ultrasound and everything looks good, so we are right on schedule.
Then after my ultrasound we had to meet with the nurse so we could go over my next set of shots and what not. Yeah that was alot of info to take in, I just told pat make sure you are paying attention because I can not look at those needles, he has been great through this whole thing, his new name is Dr. pat so he thinks. Anyways I start my next set of shots on monday and they told me by wed I am going to be very bloted and swollen in my stomach and that my pants are probably not going to fit isn't that great I guess I am just getting a taste of what it is like to be pregnant already hehehe.
Well they also told me that I can no longer exercise starting on monday so for those of you who know me not being able to exercise is going to kill me, I love exercising I know call me crazy but I do. I golf in a league on Tuesday nights and I can't even do that after next Tuesday I can only do a light walk(meaning really slow) and they said I probably wont even want to do that, so for the next few weeks I will basically just be sitting around in my lazy chair eating bon bons and getting fat hehehe, but thats okay because this will all be worth it in the end. Okay well there is a little update for you all!
So I apologize now for all of you that have to keep reading about this on my blog, but really that is all I have to talk about right now hehehe. K so bear with me.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Yay, I Survived.....

Yep thats right I made it through the first week of shots, and only 8 more weeks to go. There were a few rough ones throughout the week but other then that I survived.
Okay so one more week of just one shot a day and then after that I start getting 3 shots a day, I am so not looking forward to that, I will have to let you know if I survive that week, cuz I am not so sure I am going too! Anyways that is just a little update on how things are going, I go in for my first UltraSound tomorrow morning to see how these Lupron shots are holding up, so I will keep you posted on how that goes tomorrow.
K well I just want you all to feel my pain hehehe so here is a pic of the needle that I have to have for one more week, then I will post a pic of my next set of needles next week hehehe, probably you all do not want to see this but I just need to feel like you are all here with me Loving it like I am hahaha!

Okay for those of you who are just tuning into my blog, I am taking shots for Invitro, not for other reasons hehehe!