Monday, April 20, 2009

First night in their Crib!

Okay so saturday night was a hard night for me, you know sometimes I wish I could be the dad because they have it so much easier its like things do not affect them the way it does for the moms. Anyways my boys are now 2 months old and doing very well so we decided that it was time to move them out of the bassinet and into there own room and crib. Well of course I kept toying with the idea all day, I kept saying okay should we really move them into there nursery yet, maybe we should wait for a couple more weeks, cuz you see pat is going out of town this week for 4 days and I kept saying I think I need to have them in my room with me since he is going to be gone it will just be easier for me well anyways saturday night came and it was time to move them in there and up until it was time for bed I still kept saying oh maybe I am not ready, but I think I surprised pat and myself because I went through with it and yes it was really hard saturday night I didn't get a whole lot of sleep because I kept waking up and going into there room to check on them and yes they were doing great and of course Dad was out like a light snoring logs. Well we kind of got them to bed alittle bit late on saturday night it was about 10:45 but they actually slept clear until 6:15 so it was actually really good for them because when they were sleeping in our room in the bassinet they would sleep from about 10:00until 3:00 or 4:00 am so they slept a couple more hours so it was good for dad hehehehe. Well sunday night we got them in bed at there normal bedtime it was around 9:30 and they slept clear until 6:00 am again so they are doing great so far sleeping in there crib. I have to say Pat and I are pretty lucky because even before we moved them into there crib they were sleeping at least 5 or 6 hours so now they are sleeping about 8 hours and mom did alot better on sunday night, I only got up once during the night to check on them instead of 3 times.
The next morning after a good nights sleep