Wednesday, July 14, 2010

They are definitley Twins!

I think Caleb was just trying to show Ayden up, so we went up to my family reunion this past weekend and my parents brought their trailer and we were all haning out inside and the boys kept going over by the screen door they have such a fetish with doors it drives me crazy, but it was latched and we were sitting right there so they couldn't fall out well then we were getting ready for dinner and a bunch of us were coming in and out carrying things and the door happen to not latch one of the times and caleb went over by the door and as soon as I said caleb get away from the door and went to go grab him out he went, it was awful their was nothing we could do he flew out that door so fast and down all the stairs I seriously thought he was going to break his neck with the way he tumbled it scared the crap out of me, its a good thing kids are so resiliant at this age because if that would have been one of us adults we probably would have broke something.
Anyways he is doing okay he cried for about an hour but we finally got him calmed down so we could get him cleaned up he scraped up his nose pretty bad it didn't want to stop bleeding and he banged up his forehead pretty bad but after awhile he acted just fine like it never happend its crazy to me how little ones forget so fast that they got hurt.
Why is it that once we know they are okay we tend to take pics of there scrapes and bruises I guess so we can show them later on in life the worries they put us through.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Accidents Happen!

My poor cautious Ayden he fell hard, so I left the room for 1 minute and then I all the sudden heard this big crash and horrible scream so I ran into the room and found him toppled over in his chairhe had pushed his little chair across the room to the stroller and climbed up on it and down he came anyways I called the dr and told them what happend and she said to just keep an eye on him and so far he is fine its amazing how kids just bounce right back and forget all about it, believe me if I had this big goose egg on my head I would be crying about it for days!