Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Caleb just has a big head!

Okay so we took Caleb in yesterday to PMCH for his ultrasound on his big head/brain and everything is okay he does have a little bit of fluid in their but its normal and as he gets older it will just go away, now if inside the brain would have been hollow and had the fluids then he would have had some type of thing that starts with an H have no idea what it was called anyways if that would have been the case then he would have had to have it drained but he does not have that his brain is doing well and functioning the way its supposed to so the little bit of fluid that he has is nothing to be concerned about unless his head continues to grow rapidly then we will have to have something done but as of now he is totally okay.

K so a couple of weeks ago we had the boys get their 9 month old pics taken and we decided to do a few family pics with the boys along with it so here is a sneak peek of some of the pics we had taken:

We really liked this photographer she did a really good job if anyone wants to check her blog out here is here link