Monday, February 22, 2010

A year old Already! :(

Okay so I know I am a week late on blogging about the boys turning a year old but I have been a little busy with birthday parties after birthday parties.
Well we celebrated the boys 1st birthday on monday the 15th they turned a year old and I was so sad because they are growing up way too fast. We had a little birthday party at Grandma's house for them and for their dad yep Pat turned 50 on the 15th along with the boys turning 1 man he is old hehehe.
We did a cow theme because the boys love cows and everything is moo every book they see every toy everything says moo so we went with cows it turned out really cute, aprils mom made their little cakes and they turned out so cute thanks again Karla.

We had lots of friends and family show up and the boys got a ton of stuff I am not even sure where I am going to put everything its still piled up in the play room in boxes and I just keep looking at it all and saying wow they are spoiled. Here are a few pics of them opening up a few gifts well more like dad and mom opening up the gifts:

The boys loved eating their cake here are a few pics:

Caleb just dove right in

Ayden was alittle hesitant at first and then he got into it

Anyways the boys are doing great they had their 1 year check up and they are progressing as they should:
Caleb weighs: 19lbs 5 oz and is 29 inches long, he is in the 10th percentile for weight and alittle under average for heigth. He has 4 teeth and still will not crawl unless its on his terms he actually is doing alittle bit of crawling but mostly he gets around by scooting everywhere still not walking and is not even close to it but trust me I am so okay with that. Ayden Weighs: 18lbs 1oz and is 30 inches long, he is in the 3rd percentile for weight he is my skinny minny and right where he needs to be for heigth. He has 2 teeth and still trying to get those top ones to come through they finally cut throught the skin but they just wont come down. He is crawling all over the place and before we know it he is up 6 or 7 stairs and he walks if he has something to push but will not walk by himself he is so scared its cute. Anyways that is how the boys are doing and mom is so sad that they are a year old but so happy at the same time cuz they are so cute at this age and they just love playing together and just being together
and yep they are still sleeping in the same crib but would you move them after how cute they are together when they sleep:

Well sorry for such the long post but thats what happens when you blog every 6 months.