Thursday, October 15, 2009

8 months old today!

So my boys are 8 months old today wow they are getting so big but I love watching them change every day they are so cute, they are both saying dada no mama yet, they are both kind of rolling Caleb will roll one way only so he ends up all the way over to the door and gets stuck and can't go back the other way its cute! Ayden on the other hand will roll over to his belly and just stays their he will not roll back over so he is happy for awhile that way and then gets really mad because he can't roll back to his back so we have to help him, its really not a good time when he does it in the middle of the night and he will sleep that way for a bit but then when he wants to roll back over he can't so he screams until mom wakes up and comes to save him he is my little turd hehehe but I love him. I am sure they will not be crawling until they are 2 but thats okay, I believe Sam will be crawling, sitting up and walking before mine will be and she is 3 months younger, they are just taking their sweet old time but I am so okay with that the less mobile the better for me right now LOL!
I have some video's of them that I will post when I figure it out one day on how to do it.
Anyways they are both doing well and getting so big, Caleb has passed Ayden up big time, Ayden was quite sick for about a week or so and he lost a bit of weight so he is my skinny boy and Caleb is my chubbins so cute. They are both still really good eaters they love their vegetables so that is nice I just hope that will continue as they get older, they also love their fruit k that is all I have for now so here are a few pics of them:
Mav & the boys