Friday, January 22, 2010

Finally all Better!

So finally we are no longer sick, pat finally came down with it last week and he got over it pretty quick unlike the rest of us but finally we are all over our sickness and things are much better at the Mills home. The boys are finally back to sleeping at night and I am getting sleep again and I have finally got back to were I can start running again and start training for this half marathon that I am doing in April so life is good.Anyways the boys just turned 11 months old a week ago and it makes me so sad cuz that means only one more month and they will be 1 years old oh how time flies.
Well the boys are doing good now that they are all better.
Ayden finally started crawling over the weekend and now he is all over the place its so cute but he only does it when he wants to not when we want him too if we put him on his belly he just lays there and cries but if we sit him up and he gets on his belly on his own then he is okay with crawling he is so funny, he also has 2 teeth finally on the bottom and he loves to say dada and mama and he loves to tell us that the cow says amooo its so cute.
Caleb has been scooting all over the place for about a month or so now but he still will not crawl its so funny to watch him cuz if any of you have seen Forrest Gump he reminds us of Lieutenant Dan it is hilarious and so cute but my mom just told me that I actually never crawled I just scooted everywhere and then I finally just walked so thats probably what he is going to end up doing. He now has 4 teeth its funny cuz him and Ayden both got there 2 bottom teeth at the same time right at 10 months so I figured they would get there 2 top teeth at the same time but no such luck only caleb has 1 top tooth fully and the other one is working its way through.
Caleb also loves to say mama and dada and tell us that the cow says moooo not amoo like ayden just moo and he loves the cats he says kitty not real clear but its definitley kitty that he is trying to say anyways there is alittle bit about what they have been up too and how big and fast they are growing up soo sad.
So we finally put them in the big tub together and they loved it we didn't dare put them in the big tub because caleb would not stay sitting up he kept flinging himself backward but he now stays sitting up so here are a few pics of bath time so fun:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sick, Sick & Sick!

Life in the Mills home is wonderful right now LOL! Yep it is true all 3 of us are sick and it sucks....of course pat is the only one that has not been sick yet so knock on wood for him. Anyways it all started the week before Christmas my boys came down with a cold both of them at the same time of course and that went on for about 2 wks and I figured it was just the common cold and the docs wouldn't be able to do anything for them so of course I did not take them to the dr. so time went on and I caught whatever it was that they had the day after New Years and I have been sick ever since and of course I just assumed that it was the common cold once again so I did nothing about mine, well my boys started getting better but I just kept getting worse then my boys woke up sick again and not eating and just being irratible about a week ago so I took them both to the dr last monday and they were just fine the dr. said they were just trying to get over the cold from about 3 wks ago so away we went and by wed they were both doing great but of course I wasn't my cold kept getting worse and my throat kept getting worse so I told pat if I wasn't feeling better by monday I would go to the dr. so saturday rolled around and Ayden woke up with a swollen eye and all pink and blood shot and filled with goop after goop it was sick, so I called the on call dr saturday night and she called us in a perscription for eye drops and then she said to get him to the dr on monday cuz he might have an ear infection along with the eye infection so we started on the eye drops and by monday his eye was looking alot better but still a bit swollen and he was coughing all over again and snotty nosing again...gross their is nothing worse then a snotty nosed baby hehehe.
K so monday rolled around and I was feeling so horrible so I went to the dr finally and yep sure enough I have a sinus infection, ear infections, swollen throat and lungs so they put me on like 3 antibotics and I started them yesterday and I am starting to feel better finally so then I took Ayden to the dr. again yesterday and sure enough he has a sore throat also and is just full of snot and the dr said that is why he is not eating and gagging on all of his foods because he has so much snot running down the back of his throat poor little guy but at least he did not have an ear infection. Okay so Caleb has been fine so I thought until last night he decided he was going to projectile vomit all over me and my bed yep it was a good night last night, pat was at the jazz game and by the time he walked in I was standing their holding 2 screaming sicky babies and I said oh my hell I am going to go insane I am so glad you are home. So anyways that has been what we have been up too the last month.