Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First day of Preschool/Summer program

The boys were so excited for their first day of summer school and so was mom LOL! I was just kind of looking forward to the 3hr break and believe me it was nice. I totally forgot to renew my license back in May on my birthday so it was great I was able to run to the DMV without the boys and finally get that done and just run a few errands without kids it was so nice, I have actually never been on my own without them during the week since I have had them so every wed from now until the first of August I have a nice quiet 3hr break I am going to love this! So when I picked the boys up from school today we got in the car and I asked them what they had learned at school today and Caleb says hmmm I learned that their is no TV at school, ya bet you can guess what we do alot of at our house hehehe, sounds like I need to work on that. Here are a few of the projects they did at school today! They are traveling around the world and today they went to South America. So I asked Caleb what all of these things were that they made and he said they made a Tower, a Space Ship and a Rice shaker:and Ayden said he made a Pin Wheel, Caleb made one also but put it somewhere outside at school and we couldn't find it! Then they each made a little mask: They had alot of fun for their first day of school and they can't wait to go back next wed! Mommy can't wait either LOL!