Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Day 2010!

I am finally posting about Christmas because pat got my printer hooked up yesterday so I could finally download my pics to the computer, okay so I found my camera the night before Christmas so I was able to take some pics of the boys on christmas morning. Grandma and Grandpa came over to our house christmas morning to see the boys open up all their gifts so they showed up about 9:00am and of course the boys were not up yet so grandma had to go and wake them up they were not too happy about being woken up but grandma had fun:After they finally woke up they headed downstairs to see all their toys and unwrap presents, they did okay but after opening a few gifts they were done and lost interest and just wanted to play in their tent tunnel thing, so we ended up opening the rest for them, here are lots of pics of christmas:The boys are obsessed with Barney and cars, they each also got a pillow pet, doggie piggy banks, and lots of other stuff!.The boys had more fun playing with the bow back and forth then they did playing with their toys:So after we opened all the gifts shane and april and josh and mindy all came over for breakfast and then we did all the kids gifts to each other, we always have christmas breakfast and we usually do it at my mom's house but we decided to start doing it at our house now that we actually have the room for everyone so it was lots of fun. here are a pic of all the kids after opening their gifts and in their christmas PJ's:
Ayden was so not happy about getting pics taken like always!
Later that night we headed up to my moms for our christmas party that we have every year with the whole fam, it was fun I didn't take many pics but here is what I got:my mom and dad remodel their kitchen and my grandpa was really upset that they were tearing out all the old tile that he put in when he built that house so for christmas my mom and aunts and uncles salvaged the tile pieces for him and made a table out of it for my grandpa he loved it.Caleb and Sammie had the same PJ's it was cute!The kids all in the pj's and ready for bed after along day! The holidays were great but I am glad its over!