Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finally an Update!

Hello, alright so I know I have been a big slacker on updating my blog so anyways here is a little update on how things are going. Okay so I have had 2 Ultrasounds so far and everything is looking good, the babies are growing like there supposed to be they are actually a little bit ahead of schedule which is good for twins, my last ultrasound was on November 26th and I was measuring at 24 wks and 4 days and the babies were measuring at 25 wks and 4 days so they are definitley growing. Baby A weighs 1 lb 12 oz and Baby B is 1 lb 10 oz so they are doing well. As for mom I am doing good also I had a little rough couple of weeks the last few weeks because I got sick with a really bad cold so when I went to my appt back on the 25th my blood pressure was up quite high 140/95 so my dr. put me on a semi bedrest for the week and then I had to go back and see her a week later and I was starting to finally get over my cold so when I went back on thursday my blood pressure had come down to 138/80 so she took me off the bedrest and told me I could go back to my normal activities so that was good news. The bad news was that my glucose test came back high so needless to say yep I had to go and do the 3 hour glucose test where they draw my blood every hour for 3 hours and I have to drink that horrible stuff and I can't eat that whole time, so we got there at 9:30 in the morning and I was not done until 2:00 by that time I was weak and so starving I was ready to eat a Cow. I will not have the results back from that test until tuesday so I will keep you posted on that but if all of you will keep your fingers crossed that I do not have the Gestational Diabates that would be great, because if I do have it I am in trouble. You see for those of you who know me and what my diet consists of I am going to be a loss cause if they have to put me on some nutritional diet I have no idea what I am going to eat because Vegetables and Fruit are so not a part of my diet just bread(that is very high in carbs)and that is white bread not wheat...Yuck and chicken oh yeah I can finally eat chicken again yippee.
Anyways that is what has been going on with me and the boys, so, so far everything is looking good. K here are a few pics of the boys at there last Ultrasound and believe me they are definitley boys hehehe!

Baby A(if you look close you can see he is sucking his thumb so cute!)

This pic shows I am A Boy!

Baby B

This pic shows I am A Boy!