Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Time to play a Guessing Game

Hehehehe, hey everyone pat and I just got back from the Dr. and we know something that you don't so now its time to play the guessing game, guess how many we could be having, I will check back later to let you all know who is right and who is not. Hehehehe thanks for playing.

Okay I guess I will tell you now, thanks for those of you who played along with me, anyways most of you guessed it right we are having twins for now, let me explain what I mean about that, so when we were at the ultrasound today they were able to find Twin A(that is what they are calling them) really easy and twin A had a really strong heart beat, well then they came across Twin B and it was really hard for them to find him or her, so they made me get up and walk across the hall to the bathroom and drain my bladder again and then they tried again and this time they were able to find Twin B easier and we finally saw a heart beat but it was very faint, well along with all of that I have alot of follicules that are still very enlarged from all the fertility meds that I was on so they said that we were about 5 days early and that they want to see me back next thursday morning so they can see things alittle bit clearer and that it is still a possiblity that in all of those follicules that are so big right now could be another sac with a baby, but thats not likely, but they can't weigh that out yet, because its so early and they are wanting twin B to have a stronger heart beat so as of now yes we are having twins and I am so excited, and I really believe that is all we will be having I really do not think there is a 3rd one in there but you never know, so I will let you all know next thursday.