Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Okay so how times have changed every halloween usually us adults are dressing up and going out to celebrate halloween well this year was alittle bit different but it was a good different. So friday evening we took the boys to get their pics taken in their halloween costumes along with their cousins Jaxon and Sammy it was alot of fun: Here is one of the pics that the photographer posted:
we had some group shots of all the kids together also but I have to wait until I get the pics back to post them so here is one for now.
K then saturday we all met up at my mom's and took some pics of our own with all the grandkids in their halloween costumes they turned out so cute but I can't posts those yet either because of course I didn't have my camera and so I have to wait for my slacker friends and cousins to upload the pics to send to me get on that would ya you slackers...you know who I am talking about hehehe! After that we enjoyed some yummy food and just hung out for a bit and then we took the boys in to sizzler to see their sister Mav at work and after that we headed home and got the boys to bed they were wore out it was a long day for them. Anyways we had lots of fun doing kid stuff this year! I can't wait until next year when we take them all out trick or treating that will be fun!