Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July weekend

Okay so we decided to go up to Tabiona for the 4th of July with my fam and some friends, for those of you who do not know what Tabiona is, it is where my grandpa's cabin is, its really nice and relaxing up there. Anyways my grandpa and his girlfriend were up there so that was fun we got to spend some time with him and then my mom and dad and shane and april and jaxon and tre and his friend were there also and then mindy and josh went up there with us and then Cheryl and Taylor came up saturday afternoon so that was fun. So we got up there friday afternoon and got settled in and then just sat around and played some games it was fun, me, mindy and april were playing a game called nurtz its a card game really fast card game and april got really aggressive and almost tore mindy's hand off it was pretty funny, anyways you see I usually lose at this game because it is way to fast, but for some reason I was on a roll this time and kicked there butts it was pretty funny. Then we had a really good dinner and cleaned up and played some crib and then went to bed we were all pretty tired that first night so we were all in bed by 10:30 I know lame huh. So we got up saturday morning and saw part of the parade go by, had some breakfast and got ready and then we headed up to my cousin reed's cabin that he is in the process of building wow this cabin is huge 4000 sq ft. anyways its going to be really nice when it is all finished then we headed back and played some more card games and cheryl and taylor showed up and we all played some more games and then had dinner and then we headed over to the fireworks, we were all excited to see the fireworks and for a small town they usually put on a really good show well not this year, I don't know what happened but it was terrible, then we headed back to the cabin and hung out for awhile and then went to bed, like i said it was a pretty nice relaxing weekend. then we got up the next morning packed up and headed home. I will post some pics later when I get them download.