Thursday, July 24, 2008

How we told my parents!

Okay so pat got home from work and had this great idea on how to tell my parents how many we were having, so we went to fred meyer and got these 4 little booties 2 pink ones and 2 blue ones and 4 little bags to put them in 2 blue and 2 pink bags:

Then we had a card for them that had 3 little kittens on the front, so first when my parents saw the bags and booties they were shocked they thought we were having 4 my dad just kept holding up 4 fingers and mouthing the word 4 with this very shocked look on his face and my mom kept saying no Doug this has to mean 2, 2 for you and 2 for me but just 2 total and then she thought okay are you really having 4 so then they opened up the card and saw the 3 little kittys and my mom was like oh my gosh Doug they are having 3 yeah they are having 3 and then they opened up the card and read this:
No matter how much you mix or match them, No matter how hard they looked, No matter how hard we looked we could only see 2. So from having no grandkids a few years ago you are now going to have a house full.
Love Pat and Mick.

So needless to say we really had them going, pat came up with the best idea ever and then Ann and Kathy and Donna and Ann's kids and my grandpa came over and the first words out of everyones mouth was OMG you are having 4 it was hilarious.
Anyways sorry we forgot to take a pic of the card but there you have it, that is how we told my parents and everyone else who showed up at there house.
So then my mom had to have her friend Kathy come up and paint her front window, which we didn't take a pic of either we really suck at this, anyways and it said.
CONGRATS: 1+1+?=
Don't ask me why they put that, but they want to confuse ppl and when we really know for sure next thursday they will change it.
K thats all for now, sorry but I had to share my funny story.