Monday, June 2, 2008

Yay, I Survived.....

Yep thats right I made it through the first week of shots, and only 8 more weeks to go. There were a few rough ones throughout the week but other then that I survived.
Okay so one more week of just one shot a day and then after that I start getting 3 shots a day, I am so not looking forward to that, I will have to let you know if I survive that week, cuz I am not so sure I am going too! Anyways that is just a little update on how things are going, I go in for my first UltraSound tomorrow morning to see how these Lupron shots are holding up, so I will keep you posted on how that goes tomorrow.
K well I just want you all to feel my pain hehehe so here is a pic of the needle that I have to have for one more week, then I will post a pic of my next set of needles next week hehehe, probably you all do not want to see this but I just need to feel like you are all here with me Loving it like I am hahaha!

Okay for those of you who are just tuning into my blog, I am taking shots for Invitro, not for other reasons hehehe!