Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What we have been up too!

So here is alittle bit of what we have been doing and what we will be doing for the holidays I can't wait I know my boys are still to little to realize anything but thats okay cuz I am excited to start our own little traditions with our family.
Okay so Yes I am a slacker and didn't put up a tree again this year I figured I had one more year that I didn't have to put one up cuz after this year its decorations from here on out so I took this year off hehehe so we went over to Mindy's house cuz she is not a slacker mom and we took some pics of the boys in front of her Christmas tree so they got to see their first Christmas tree:

So we took the boys to see Santa Clause out at our friend Heidi and Brody's house a couple of weeks ago it was alot of fun and it was alot nicer then going to the mall to fight the crowds and wait in those long lines to see santa so here are a few pics of the boys sitting on santa's lap:
Caleb & Ayden with Santa
Ayden is trying to pull Santa's beard in this pic it was so cute! Sammy with Santa
Then that night we had our Annual Christmas Sweater Soiree party out at Cheryl and Taylors house it was alot of fun it was just the adults so it was nice to have a little get away from all the kids and get together with a great bunch of friends we had a nice dinner and then we did our white elephant gifts and then we played some Taboo so here are a few pics of the gang:

So then the next weekend we went to mindy's family Christmas party and the boys got to see santa again so we took a few more pics of the boys and sam sitting on santa's lap and this is what we got this time:Ayden was not thrilled about seeing Santa again Oh he finally warmed up and decided santa wasn't so bad! Sammy once again very happy to see Santa or not LOL!
Well now we are just trying to finish up our last minute shopping because yep I am a slacker and we always put it off til the last minute so pat is taking the day off on wednesday so we can get the rest of it done then we are going to go to dinner with my grandma Carol on wed night then we are going to go to Temple Square on Christmas Eve to see the lights with the fam, this will be April's first time to Temple Square to see the lights ever in her whole life that is so crazy to me that she has never been there. Then we will head back to grandma's house to have some hot chocolate and open the boys first Christmas gift yep it will just be PJ's that you know every kid gets to open on Christmas Eve but I am excited it will be fun then we will head home put the boys to bed and get ready for Christmas morning we didn't go all out this year for the boys because they are too young to get it and we have plenty of years for that hehehe but we will get up and open what few gifts we did get them and then head to grandma's house for breakfast and then we are all going to go sledding up at EagleWood for a few hours and that is what we are going to try and do every year from here on out if the weather allows us to so we are excited it will be alot of fun I know the boys are alittle young this year for that but thats okay cuz you gotta start somewhere right!
Anyways that is what we have been up too and I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Caleb just has a big head!

Okay so we took Caleb in yesterday to PMCH for his ultrasound on his big head/brain and everything is okay he does have a little bit of fluid in their but its normal and as he gets older it will just go away, now if inside the brain would have been hollow and had the fluids then he would have had some type of thing that starts with an H have no idea what it was called anyways if that would have been the case then he would have had to have it drained but he does not have that his brain is doing well and functioning the way its supposed to so the little bit of fluid that he has is nothing to be concerned about unless his head continues to grow rapidly then we will have to have something done but as of now he is totally okay.

K so a couple of weeks ago we had the boys get their 9 month old pics taken and we decided to do a few family pics with the boys along with it so here is a sneak peek of some of the pics we had taken:

We really liked this photographer she did a really good job if anyone wants to check her blog out here is here link www.photobyemilie.blogspot.com