Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My First Ultrasound!

So yesterday I had my first Ultrasound and everything looks good, so we are right on schedule.
Then after my ultrasound we had to meet with the nurse so we could go over my next set of shots and what not. Yeah that was alot of info to take in, I just told pat make sure you are paying attention because I can not look at those needles, he has been great through this whole thing, his new name is Dr. pat so he thinks. Anyways I start my next set of shots on monday and they told me by wed I am going to be very bloted and swollen in my stomach and that my pants are probably not going to fit isn't that great I guess I am just getting a taste of what it is like to be pregnant already hehehe.
Well they also told me that I can no longer exercise starting on monday so for those of you who know me not being able to exercise is going to kill me, I love exercising I know call me crazy but I do. I golf in a league on Tuesday nights and I can't even do that after next Tuesday I can only do a light walk(meaning really slow) and they said I probably wont even want to do that, so for the next few weeks I will basically just be sitting around in my lazy chair eating bon bons and getting fat hehehe, but thats okay because this will all be worth it in the end. Okay well there is a little update for you all!
So I apologize now for all of you that have to keep reading about this on my blog, but really that is all I have to talk about right now hehehe. K so bear with me.