Sunday, April 18, 2010

Half Marathons!

So after I had the boys I decided to make a goal for myself and that was to run the SLC half marathon so I trained hard to be ready for it but then I heard about the riverton half and I decided to run that one 3 wks before the SL half for a practice run to be ready for the SL one anyways it was alot of fun okay fun for those who like to run crazy for those who don't hehehe.
So I ran the riverton half in 2hrs 5 minutes and 24 seconds and I ran the SL one in 2 hrs 14seconds so I beat my time by 5 minutes so I was so happy about that so hopefully for the one I am running in July I will beat my time again.
I love running I am not sure why but I do and it is so addicting that I have already signed up for another half in July crazy I know. Anyways I know this is a boring post for most of you so I don't blame you if you don't read it but really this is just for my personal journal and to make sure I always have my times on record so don't mind this post of my times of each mile:SL Half1st mile-8:42
2nd mile-8:46
3rd mile-8:07
4th mile-8:17
5th mile-8:47
6th mile-9:15
7th mile-8:55
8th mile-9:13
9th mile-9:07
so overall time 2hrs 14 seconds average pace 9:09 minute miles
Riverton Half1st mile-8:29
2nd mile-8:56
3rd mile-8:54
4th mile-9:21
5th mile-9:10
6th mile-9:33
7th mile-9:10
8th mile-9:25
9th mile-10:09
so overall time 2hrs 5 minutes & 24 seconds average pace 9:31 minute miles