Monday, May 5, 2008

Mav's Prom

Okay so we had a pretty good weekend, Friday night shane and april came out and all of us went out to dinner, out to Su Casa, we took April there a couple of weeks ago and now she is hooked they have the best Fajaittas ever, she told shane they are going to have to come out to eat once a week, like they used to do when Casa Melinda was around hehehe.

Then saturday we got up and went shopping for some last minute stuff for Mav's prom, yep she got asked to prom and it was on saturday night, so monica and melica came over and we all helped her get ready and she looked amazing, monica did her hair it was so cute!

Then she put on her dress and she lookes so freaking cute, so we had to take some more pics!

So then we all waited around(including mindy and josh) for her date to come and pick her up so we could meet him and give him the 3rd degree hehehe, so then we took a few pics and saw them off.

Then we headed over to cheryl and taylors for dinner and then we played a few games and then came home. Then on sunday pat and josh left town to go down to the ranch to do a little turkey hunting(boys) so mindy and I decided to go and run the track and do mile bleachers yeah sometimes we are so not that bright hehehe but we felt good after we were all done. Alright that was my weekend for ya, k I will post again soon!