Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First Haircuts....Finally!

So the boys finally had their first haircuts last thursday yep they are almost 2 and just barely got a haircut, what can I say they take after their dad hehehe!
Anyways Caleb was fine he just sat their with this look on his face like mom what are they doing to me but he was so good.Ayden is another story:Yep thats right he cried the whole time...shocker right ya it wasn't just a cry it was screaming bloody murder and snot running down his face kind of cry it was good times, yep thats my special ayden I just took pics and laughed and kept telling the girl I am so sorry, but I think he will probably be like this until he is 5 and she said no worries we have had worse, she said they actually have an 8 year old that comes in and they have to shut the whole store down just to cut his hair cuz it takes 4 of them to hold him down because he is that traumatized. I told her oh don't tell me that because that will probably be my Ayden in a few years LOL!