Tuesday, April 22, 2008

First day with Jaxon

Okay so yesterday was my first day to have jaxon and it was wonderful, he is so freaking cute and he was so good for me, well except when I had to change his poopy diapers try like 6 times yep that kid is a pooper! Well I took a couple of pics of him but I can't seem to download them from my phone so as soon as april emails them to me i will post them, but for now you can see them on aprils blog. Well I can't wait until next monday to watch him again. He is so precious.
He is thinking really hard about where his mom is!

He got tired of thinking!


janeal said...

He is so cute! I didn't know you were on Jaxon duty on Mondays, how fun! And good practice for the poopy diapers of your own, right? I actually don't think I'm ready for poopy diapers again... it's been a LONG time since I've had to deal with one.

Mills Family said...

Yeah those poopy diapers are so not fun, but he is so cute when you change him he loves to be changed, he just smiles and koos and kaws its so cute. Yep every monday I am on jaxon duty its fun.
It will definitley get me the practice and prepare me for my own 3 or 4 at once hehehe

kellz said...

Oh my gosh! He is so cute!! Isn't being an aunt so awesome! You are such a cute aunt!! I'm so jealous that you get to stay home and watch him! I would love to have a day to watch my nieces. My little sister brought her girls into my work today. I can't believe the baby is already a week old! Time flies!

I am still sore from monday!...or maybe from every other day that I've pushed myself! lol...I need a day off and tomorrow was going to be it, but I think I'm going to go hiking! Fun! Fun!!

I have some salon gossip for you! We will probably be getting a new owner and you will never guess who! If you do guess I will be shocked cause I was shocked when I found out! I will tell you all about it tonight. See you soon!

kellz said...

haha! Yeah seriously! At least I'm getting her hooked on the right stuff!! No calories! lol...

So yeah...um, nothing is set and she has not made an offer to my current owner, but by the end of the month it could happen...Kelly Wareham? What the? Random. I mean she just sold it a year ago! Lol.

And yes, my calf still hurts. I didn't ice it cause I forgot and cause I'm just bad at stuff like that. I will tonight though. Thanks for the reminder! Are you sick after that 5 mile run and boot camp? Jeez! I think I will just do a light run tonight. I'm so tired though, I need to just go to bed!