Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas Day!

Alright then there was Christmas day, first we wake up and open our gifts from one another which it was just Pat and I this year cuz mav went down to her moms so we did that and then we headed up to my parents house to see them and shane and april and have breakfast and do our gift opening with them, then we rush back home cuz AJ & Brayden(the grandkids) were coming over to open there gifts , then we had to get ready so we can head out to see the grandparents then we rushed back home to meet mav so we could do gifts with her.

Then we headed back up to my moms for the evening to see everyone for Christmas and that was a good time its always fun spending time with the fam. My cousin Will was in town this year so it was good to get to see him. Anyways needless to say christmas is a very busy day.

Most of the Cousins on Christmas!

Janeal & Jay and Jackie & Greg, decided to leave early way to go punks!

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