Monday, June 20, 2011

Utah Valley Provo Marathon!

So I ran my first Full Marathon a couple of weeks ago and it was such a awesome accomplishment. So I started my training back in Feb and from Feb 7th til June 11th I ran a total of 458 miles leading up to the marathon so over all 484.2 miles I ran in alittle over 4 months wow that is alot of running. Anyways during my training I said I will never run a full marathon again but once I finished I changed my mind and yes I will for sure run another full marathon just so I can beat my time LOL!
K so I ran my Marathon in 4hr and 9 minutes so my minute mile pace overall average was 9:32 minute miles so that wasn't too bad for my first marathon I was hoping to come in at 4hr exactly but I guess 9 minutes over isn't so bad. K well here are a few pics of the marathon. I ran it with one of my really good friends Martin and it was so nice to have him there with me we helped motivate each other so it was nice. Thanks mindy for taking some pics for me.Thanks to everyone who came out to support us that was awesome!Pat also ran the 5K that morning he did awesome way too go babe!


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rebecca said...

matching Mohawks! love it.