Thursday, February 24, 2011

2 Years Old!

Yes I am a slacker when it comes to blogging, so I apologize for the long post anyways the boys just turned 2 a couple of weeks ago, and it was pat's b-day also so he took the day off so we could spend the day with the boys and just hang out so we took the boys to get their haircuts and then we took them bowling:The boys totally bowled the same score, yep they are definitley twins and then to lunch and then we went back home to get ready for their little birthday party, we just had a few ppl over for some Cake and Ice Cream nothing big this year.
So we did a Barney theme this year because they absolutley love Barney we watch it 24/7 along with Toy Story and Cars so that is what we are watching at our house everyday all day long good times LOL!
so here are some pics of the boys birthday:So for the boys birthday we got them my first trampoline and they absolutely love it, so the reason I am posting so many pics of them jumping on the trampoline is because everytime they get in it Caleb yells mommy get camera to take a picture so here are all the pics that I had to take of them jumping because Caleb wouldn't stop asking until I took lots of pics he is so funny he loves having his pic taken now, but only on his termsAnyways the boys got alot of nice stuff from everyone lots of clothes and more toys so thanks everyone for all the stuff they got, after we did gifts we sang to the boys and then had some cake and Ice cream, me being the slacker planner mom I totally forgot to order the boys a cake that had Barney and friends on it til it was too late so I just had to make a couple of cakes and they turned out pretty okay for those of you who know me and my wonderful cooking skills LOL, they were actually editable hahaha.Both the boys were not feeling too well on their b-day so they didn't really have any cake or ice cream they just sat in their chairs and looked sad and sick:and thanks mindy and josh for dishing up the cake and Ice Cream. Anyways they had a nice birthday and thanks again everyone for coming and I can't believe they are already 2 years old they are both so smart they already know all their letters and a word that goes with each letter so for example they say the letter E and then they say Elephant after it and so forth its really cute and they both can count to 10 and they know what number is what.
So I started running again to train for all my marathons I am running this year so instead of waiting until the boys went down for a nap I decided to try running while the boys were in the playroom/gym and it actually worked out great so now the boys will run upstairs and grab my running shoes everyday and bring them down to me and say mommy run and the reason they want me to run is because they get to run after mommy is done they know what they are doing:Ayden loves to sit down and read books he ecspecially loves the little red hen so when I can't find him I will walk in his room and he will be sitting in his rocking chair reading his book and this is what he is saying out loud Not I said the Duck, not I said the Goose and so forth its hilarious.Caleb loves to wear my shoes don't ask me why but he is always pulling my shoes out of the closet and trying to walk around in them its pretty funnyhe also knows his full name and Ayden's full name and my full name and dad's full name its so cute he will sit there and say mommy's name is Mickele Mills and my name is Caleb Patrick Mills its pretty dang cute.
Anyways they are both smart in their own little ways and I am so thankful to have them they are my world and yes there are days that are so hard with 2 of them being the same age but I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Every night before bed they run in there room and each pick out 2 books and say daddy read us a story: and one day I will get that binki away from ayden and his burp rag but I enjoy my sleep way too much to take it away yet LOL!

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The Felix Family said...

They are so cute!! That tramp is a great idea. I bet they love it. I am glad I am not the only one with a two year old and a bink! Happy Birthday boys!!