Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Pat had a business trip to Whistler/Vancouver Canada a couple of weeks ago so we decided to go in a day early and stay a day later so we could kind of see some things while we were there. We dropped the boys off at my mom's on tuesday and flew into Vancouver where we had a limousine tour guide pick us up and drive us all around downtown Vancouver so here are some pics of what we saw, I was so mad at myself because I left my camera at home so I had to rely on my cell phone for pics but it actually took some okay pics:
Then after that we headed up to Whistler which was about and hour and 45 minutes from Vancouver:
Anyways we got settled in and went to dinner and then pat and I went and saw a movie because we never get to do that at home so we went and saw Eclipse it was a great show.
Pat didn't have anything until Later Wed night so we got up and decided to do the Gondala ride it was called Peak 2 PeakWe went from Whislter Mountain over to the Black Mountain and we saw a few bears along the way. On our way back down we rode in the open ski lift and we had a few bears right under us on our way back they were everywhere it was crazyIt was gorgeous up there and abit chilly as you can see there was still lots of snow, they even had a ski area still open for the skiiers it was crazy seeing ppl skiing in the middle of July.
That night we went to Pat's opening Ceremonies and then the rest of the week was just kind of relaxing while pat had meetings.
Then saturday morning we got up and caught the Train from Whislter to Vancouver it was about a 5 hour train ride it was amazingThey had amazing waterfalls along the way.
Then they served us lunch and Tea, Pat was in heaven he had his tea and 2 meals LOL for those of you who know me I so would not eat what they served here is what we hadWe had alot of fun and can't wait to go back.


The Felix Family said...

Fun week away!! I bet it was nice to get out by yourself. Isn't it funny how something simple like a movie seems so amazing to go to once you have kids?

Dave and Kelsee said...

What a beautiful place! That looks amazing and what a fun trip!

Trish Kay Burch said...

Gorgeous pictures! Glad you guy had fun!! He y how do you get the pictures all bunched together in a collage like that?

The Estes Family said...

Looks like alot of fun!!! I'm still wondering where the pics from the reunion are though? will you send me copies when you get a chance:)