Thursday, August 20, 2009

6 Months Old....and I am a blog slacker!

Okay so I am so not a good blogger, anyways I just wanted to let you all know that the boys are doing great they had their 6 month appt on tuesday and they are moving right along. Caleb who was my smallest when they were born is not my biggest he is now weighing 15lbs 5 oz, and Ayden who was the biggest is now the smallest he is weighing 14lbs 11oz, but he is taller, Ayden is 27 inches long and Caleb is 26 inches long, and yes they both still have big heads hehehe. They had to get their shots and that is so not fun because then they are hating life the rest of the day, but they do get over it quick. You know i think that is why they give so many shots to them while they are babies because they forget about the pain really quick and move on now if it was me getting the tetna shot I would be crying for 3 days in pain LOL! Okay so here are a few pics of them getting so big and growing up too fast
The boys playing in there walker & Jumper

The boys eating there Rice Cereal

Caleb & Ayden:

Well we haven't really been up to much this summer, pat and I went to Sun Valley Idaho for 5 days for a convention that he had for work and that was hard leaving the boys for the first time with Grandma & Grandpa but it was actually really good for me to get away and have some R&R and it was good for them to spend some time with grandma & grandpa because they are with me 24/7 and they are definitley mama's boys!
Then we went to tabby for the 24th of July and that was fun the boys did really good they are still sleeping through the night about 11 hours and I thought they would get off there schedules by me leaving them for 5 days and then going camping for a weekend but they didn't they slept really good for grandma & grandpa and while we were camping so I am just lucky and I knock on wood everyday that it continues.
Alright that is all I have to talk about for now and plus the boys are waking up from their nap so computer time is over.


Joanne said...

As busy as you are everyday, you can't call yourself a slacker! Those pictures are soooooo cute, I just love those little boys.

Dave and Kelsee said...

They are so cute! It was so great to see you last weekend. You look great and your boys are so cute!

The Estes Family said...

They are so cute!! It's so funny that Caleb is bigger now, I figured he would be!!

Megs said...

They are so adorable! And I think they look so much like you! Glad they are sleeping through the night for you!

Jamie said...

They are so CUTE! I'm glad I finally got the chance to meet them in person.

Nicole said...

So so cute!! Don't you just wish you could slow down time so they wouldn't get big so darn fast??

Letters-2-Lily said...

Oh they are so cute!! I love them!! I need new pics of them mine are old!

The Bawden Bunch said...

It's about time you updated us! You know, if they werent sleeping half the day away at night, they'd nap a little more in the day and then you'd have more time to blog...LOL! I'm just giving you crap...I wouldnt trade sleeping at night for anything.
I cant believe how big they're getting. They are looking so much older now...not so much like infants but like little boys. I guess it's been a while (3wks) since I saw them last. They are both so damn cute!