Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Whats been going on!

Well its been awhile since I have updated sorry I am just not a good blogger anyways here is what has been going on for the last month or so, k first off the boys are doing very well they are still sleeping through the night so I have to keep my fingers crossed that it continues they go to bed around 10:00pm and sleep until 8:30 am so it has been wonderful, they are such good little sleepers so far lets all hope that continues.
Okay so the boys were blessed back in May on May 3rd to be exact, Pats brother Bill blessed them for us, thank you Bill it was a very nice day after the blessing we all headed up to my moms for some yummy food here are a few pics of the boys in there tuxes they are so cute, they were not very happy that day because church ran longer then usual and they were starving by the time we got to grandmas so pics were the last thing they wanted:

Okay then we had mav's graduation to get ready for, I can't believe she has graduated it just seems like yesterday when she came to live with pat and I and she was 14 years old now she is 18 and graduated from Highschool, it was a nice day we went to mav's favorite restaurant for dinner Tepenyaki it was pat and I and mav and melica and monica, I have pics of her graduation night but have not downloaded them yet so when I get that done I will post some.
Okay other then that we haven't had much going on, I am loving that mindy is home on maternity leave for a couple of months cuz we have been going on walks and its been great, I did get myself a new stroller cuz i hated my other one so here are a few pics of the boys in there first stroller that they were not a fan of and then a pic of them in there new stroller that they love....well caleb does anyway hehe:
First Stroller: If you know of anyone that needs a double stoller let me know its for sale:

New Stroller:

Well that is all we have been up to for now, nothing much we are pretty boring these days. The boys have there 4 month appt next tuesday so I will post about there progress after that.


Megs said...

They are so adorable! I am so glad they are sleeping through the night for you...that is amazing! You look great too!

The Felix Family said...

YOu do not even know how lucky you are to have them sleeping through the night. My life would be such a different story if I could get Jase to do that. Way to go! They are adorable!!

Letters-2-Lily said...

Oh so cute!! Mav's graduation was fun, especially when Melica fell on her butt at the resturant, got shrimp!!!

The Bawden Bunch said...

They are really such good babies. Mick, you got very lucky with them. They are very cute too. We are so happy to be a part of your lives and watch them grow up. Soon they'll be as big as Jaxon and be into everything. Let's hope there a little more mellow or you're in trouble! LOL!
Hey...I may want to buy your stroller. I'll have to talk to Shane about it. I'll let you know.

Kikinei said...

Finally.....a picture with Mom and babies!!!!!! Lookin’ good hot mama!