Saturday, June 14, 2008


Well I know its been awhile, but here is what we have been up too! So we went to Moab 2 weekends ago for Pats family reunion, it was alot of fun I have never been to moab and never really cared to go because I am not really a climb the rocks in my jeep type of person or really much of a hiker, but I had a blast who knew hiking up to the arches would be so much fun I loved it and I am already planning another trip back. Anyways here are a few of the things that we did: We got there on thursday afternoon and then we went to dinner that night and after that over to the grocery store to get our groceries for the 3 days, we stayed in a 3 bedroom, 3 bath condo that was so nice and plenty of room for all of us. So we got up friday morning and headed up to Dead Horse Point that was really neat here are a few pics:

It was really cool up there and really windy, it was pretty scary when you got up to the top and looked over the edge it was along ways down.
Okay so then that night we got ready and had the family BBQ over at our place, because there was more room where we were at: it was fun we all ate and then watched a video that pats sister penny put together from the last few years of reunions it was really cute. Then we took a few pics of course:

Okay so then we got up on saturday morning and headed over to the Arches. We first went to the delicate Arche that was about a 3 mile hike, 1.5 miles each way it was a pretty good hike:
Well we finally made it over to the arch:

Then we headed back to the car to head over to some of the other arches, like the Firey Furnace and the Double Arches, and as we were driving over there to do some more hiking Pat kept saying to the boys, lets go see the parade of elephants and he kept saying it over and over and melica and I were like what are you smoking there are no parade of elephants and sure enough we pulled up and there were some really cool rocks that looked like a hurd of elephants
Then we hiked up to the double arches:

k those of you that know me I am so not a rock climber and I was hiking up this mountain of rocks and when I got to the top were mav and melica were this is what I saw nothing but the edge of the cliff and believe me I was freaked out I had to take a moment before I could move to get back down:

After that we went back to the condo did a little barbaqueing and hung with the fam for a bit and then went to bed and got up the next morning and went to breakfast and then headed home.
We had alot of fun spending time with the boys, they are so cute and such good little boys. Melica and Jay are wonderful parents, I have never seen such good kids, we did alot of hiking that day at the arches and they never complained once they hiked the whole time and loved every minute of it and they are only 6 and 3. Anyways I can't wait to go again. K so that is what we have been up to sorry about all the pics but we took alot so I had to share.


The Felix Family said...

You took some really cool picutres! I wish I had the one of the mountian we had to climb to get to the Delicate Arch. That just shows how hard it was! That was really fun!

Nicole said...

Thanks for posting all the pics. I love the one of mom and her bros and sisters. It was fun seeing you in Moab. Good luck with your IFV. I know this lady who just got pregnant that was, in fact I know a couple. I'm sure it will work for you!

janeal said...

That looks like you guys had so much fun. I've never been to Arches but I'd like to go sometime. I have been to Moab though; we did the Canyonlands By Night tour and it was so very cool. I like all the pictures you got. It looks like there was a lot of people there. :)

Mills Family said...

Yeah it was alot of fun, we never did make it to the canyonlands, so we will for sure have to do that when we go back.

Letters-2-Lily said...

Looks like you had fun!! Wish I could have went. The pics are great. Good luck this week, let me know how it goes.

The Estes Family said...

Nice pic of my butt, I look like a chunky ass!!!