Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Weekend!

Alright so we headed out to Vegas for memorial weekend, it was one of Pats really good friends from Minnesota's 40th b-day and so they were all meeting in vegas to celebrate, we toyed with the idea on even going because of all of the fun stuff we are starting so we can have a baby, anyways we ended up pushing our Envitro back a few weeks because my dr. was not going to be available and I did not want to go with another dr. So that is why we decided to go to vegas and mindy and josh came with us, we had alot of fun, we didn't win any money so that was a bummer but oh well you can't win them all right!

K so some of the things we did in vegas this time
was pretty fun, saturday we got up and headed over to the mirage and went through the Dolphin Exhibit and the Secret Gardens with the lions and tigers it was pretty neat, and then that night we went to a show at the mirage called Love its the beattles Cirques Ole show, it was a really cool show I suggest seeing it. Then we got up sunday and headed to St. George, we stayed in mindy's parents condo it was nice. Then we went golfing that afternoon at the ledges were one of our good friends work so we got a great deal on golf but then they had the sprinklers on the greens from hole number 5 on so we didn't get to finish I guess thats what happens when you get a good deal, but that was okay cuz it was freezing anyway. The whole weekend was cold, vegas was cold and rainging the whole time so that was not fun. Here are a few pics of the trip:

Okay so while we were down there I had to start my first set of shots of Lupron, so pat and I went to our Lupron class last week and I walked out of there so terrified I started bawling before we even made it to the car and pat was like why are you crying you haven't even had a shot yet, and I said because I am so scared, did you not see those needles oh wow, well needless to say my first one was on sunday morning and I just closed my eyes and told pat to get it over with so then he said k are you ready and I said don't say that just do it, anyways he did it and it really wasn't that bad...I survived, so these first couple weeks of shots I think I will be okay, its when the big one starts I am going to lose my mind. Anyways enough on that, I will keep you updated as we go along.


kellz said...

that was so changed your posting while I was reading it! Wierd! I was going to comment on your picture with the dolphin and the random lady in the picture! haha! Sounds like you have fun with your shots! When I first read it, I thought you meant shots as in liquor! I was actually getting kind of excited to read some crazy funny story about drinking shots and finding out if someone's limbs were injured on this trip...turns out there was some type of injuring to due to a shot, but more bruising probably than anything! Sounds like you had fun though regardless of the cold! Moab will make up for the cold for sure!

Mills Family said...

hehehe sorry i was playing around with my blog and kept deleting things cuz they would not go were i want them.
Yeah sorry no funny drinking stories this time.

kellz said...

well, at least you have a picture of a random lady in your dolphin picture! I love it! haha! Sorry you had to have yucky shots! :o(

janeal said...

Mickele, I'm sorry about the shots; I hate needles too. But it sounds like you made it through all right! Good luck with the rest of them.

Vegas sounds like it was fun. I would love to see one of the Cirques Ole shows (is that really how it's spelled?). I've heard really good things about all of them. I have done the Dolphin Exhibit at the Mirage though and I liked that. Too bad it was cold and rainy; I don't think I've ever seen cold or rainy in Vegas! :)

Mills Family said...

I am not sure if that is how its spelled hehehe thats just how i spell it! Yeah I have seen 3 of the cirques ole shows, myster and love were my 2 favorites for sure you will have to see one.

kellz said...

It's Cirque Du is my best friend. Haha! I saw one years ago but I don't remember what it was. Hmmm...I will have to go look for my little ticket stub... I'm jealous you got to go though. As creepy as it is to have them be that flexible and strong, it's awesome!

Julianna said...

Mindy's hair is BLONDE! and SHORT! so cute!!! I'm glad you had a good time and survived the shot!

I love dolphins, we spent a ton of time there last time we went down!

Mills Family said...

yeah her hair is way cute, its funny though cuz noone reconizes her anymore it takes them a minute to realize its her cuz she has had red hair for so long.
The dolphin thing was alot of fun and they are so cute.