Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Well today is Tuesday the 4th of Dec. and my page looks very blank so I thought I would just write and say hi, and tell you about my weekend, friday night we had my sister in law(april)'s baby shower, it turned out really good, she got some really cute new underwear I will post some pictures later hehehe. Then Saturday night we all went out Karaoking, it was alot of fun, we went for my Aunt Ann and Uncle Brents birthdays, we had a blast. Then later I drove everyone home, yep I was playing the role of April by being the DD, April I'll have you know I had to take everyone to Mcdonalds also, whats up with all the drunks always wanting Mcdonalds after.Anyways that was my weekend, k I will write again soon, and I will post some pics. when i figure out exactly how to do it.

Karaoke Night

Singing it up at Maggie Mcgee's

Ann, Colleen & My Mom

Cory, Casey & Jason singing there hearts out!


Bawden's said...

There is something about salty greasy food that brings out the best in all drunks!
It's not so bad being the DD. I am not sure how much I will be able to drink or tolerate drinking after being sober for a year or more!

JaNeal said...

Yeah, Mick I heard about how great a singer you were! I wish I could have come; it sounds like so much fun! And I'm afraid I have no experience with the McDonald's situation... I doubt even being extremely drunk could entice me to eat there!