Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mav's Photography

So, mav is taking a photography class in school, and today she brought home her pictures that she took of the boys a few weeks ago, they turned out so cute, so I thought I would show them off, she does a great job.

Brayden & AJ

AJ & Brayden being goofy

Brayden was mad at mav for making him cross the bridge

AJ (isn't he so cute)


Bawden's said...

Those are very cute. Tell her she does a great job for me will you?
Maybe she can take some pictures of Little Jax when he is born.

All About M.E.('s) said...

She's REALLY good. She's got a good eye! Does she have to develop them and everything? I took a photography class in college and we had to develop our own pictures. I always sucked at it. Mine never turned out very good.

The Estes Family said...

those are the cutest kids i have ever seen i'll bet they have a hot mom hehe!!!

Mickele said...

Yes she has to develop them and all that fun stuff. She has become really good at it, she said she wants to maybe go into photography later on in life so we will see.

The Estes Family said...

hello you need to write again my computer finally let me so now its your turn, and how come mindy doesn't have a blog you need to get on her!!!

Colleen Eyre said...

Mickele - your blog is awesome (especially since my picture is in it - hee hee). Keep up the good work!
Nice job on the photos by Mav. The boys are adorable. I'll look forward to future posts.
Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us!

The Estes Family said...

seriously mick it's been like a month since you wrote i'm sure you have plenty of embarassing pics from new years so you need to be posting them!